The zippers on the front create a smooth fit and outstanding look for this feminine jacket. The special wrapped shape on the back adds a unique. modern flair to bring personality to a perfect show wear. The industry-leading stretch fabric and Second Skin Technology provide an unrestricted movement in the saddle. Feminine and athletic look for any show ring. You will have the looks of a champion in this jacket. go and win the competition! Machine washable and easy to care for.

Silk touch in clothes is to refer the smoothness and softness of the fabric, threads are strong, but soft and a little shining. Therefore, a jacket made of this fine touch technical fabric is not recommended to be worn under a coarse-woven protective vest. If you’re looking for a jacket that you can put on as an under layer of a "hard top" protective vest, choose any of our other models: except for Second Skin Technology jackets.

Chic Second Skin Show Jacket